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Bella's Books

At Isabella's Insurance, it is important to give back and help others. Owner, Isabella Westrum, has created a platform to provide resources through the gift of financial contributions as well as new and used books. Her goal is to put books in the hands of over a million children by 2025! This can only happen through the support and generosity of people like you.

The story starts with Isabella's cousin Noelle. She was born with Hydrocephalus and the inability to see. Not only does she continue to show her strength to everyone around her, but she has also developed a love for books. She is not alone as more children face the obstacle of the inability to read traditional books. This is where we come in. We can provide books that are specialized to help her and others with limitations. 
The other interaction we had over the years was with Isabella's grandmother, Mrs. Westrum, a first-grade teacher. She learned that not every kid had the resources to get new books for their birthday or the holidays or just because. Isabella wanted to be able to create a charity to help those kids get the gift of a book, not just at school, but at home. To have it become their own. A treasured memory of a story to be told as they read the pages over and over. 
The gift of giving a book to a child is one of the greatest gifts in life. Thank you for your donation and for making this possible!

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